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Hope and a common cause cross all boundaries.

History has taught us that the underdog will only take so much and Ideas are infectious.

says it all

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How it should be

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So proud that we are giving billions away

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600 million for schooling Pakistan children so their government can buy a billion pound sub.

But wait


DfID’s budget is accordingly set to increase by £3.3 billion over the next four years – but its administration budget will be cut by a third.

The NAO report said the re-targeting meant the department had to do more to combat corruption and fraud and use financial professionals to a greater extent, especially to provide better forecasting.


So you can proudly say it is being pissed away!!!!!


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One wonders if the Big Society can fail as it has three points.

  • Sack the employed and get someone to do it for free (they want it, they do it).
  • Cheaper to use Job seekers on compulsory work program                           (financed by savings on employees sacked).
  • Claim there wasn’t volunteers and therefore excess waste reduced.




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